How to Say It

Galerie Ahoj Nazdar Čau, Liberec, 2021

Dominika Dobiášová comments many problems of today through the medium of painting. She use the medium to think beyond the limits of mutual tolerance, not only in relation to social diversity, but also to ecological and environmental reality, and points out the problems associated with it. She also examines human relationships, emotionality and the consequences of their dysfunction. Theme of errors in communication between individuals dominates in the exhibition How to say it. She looks at the abstract idea of error with two prisms, each for one display case.

In the first picture Look what I did, Dominika situates the concept of error into a conversation. In the environment of a castle, the mysterious figures in the foreground express emotions of astonishment, pointing to something maybe even reprimanded. The excellent motif of the face illuminated by the mobile phone appeals to today's most common communication problems – escaping into virtual dimensions and not concentrating on the present. In the background, black thin ghosts question and curse.

In the second painting Once upon a time in the deep forest, the author tried to express a feeling of constant fascination for herself, subordinating everything to her intentions. This is through an allegorical image of a wooden forest figure on a red tree holding a plant. Man as a conqueror, a sovereign being who forgot to relate to his surroundings, from which he was born, leaving behind a burning glade of trouble. Dominika tries to draw the urgency of the current situation in the world and also to point out that human relations and mutual tolerance towards other people and the search for common moral boundaries are important aspects for the functioning society.

It's not enough to fit all the politics and personal dramas on the screens and so they start to fall apart. Dominika collects and sews them together.

Curated by Petra Filipovská