Just Another Queen

Vitrína Deniska, Olomouc, 2021

Once upon a time there was a world and in this world was a land and in this land was a King with his counsellors. To reign in comfort, he got himself a palace. Just like any other king, this King sought great wealth. He came up with a nifty system that ensured him a never ending stream of income. And so the pile of gold coins grew bigger and bigger. The system was sustained by the labour of his peasants. Each of them was responsible for a task of their own.

Time passed and some peasants began to feel the urge to rebuild and improve the palace so that all of them could live in mutual respect, together and happy. But nothing changed. With the discontent of the red-veiled peasants growing larger and larger, the King had no other choice but to scratch his very round and shiny head and admit that he might be a tad bit too old to rule the land. By far the best successor, thought the King, would be Miss Latex, who was very popular amongst the people. She was beautiful, educated, and well aware of the happenings in the world. And thanks to this knowledge, she knew just how great the offer that was laid in front of her was. Miss Latex gladly took up the role of the new queen and she sat down onto the chiselled throne.

And so the King could finally retreat to the purple garden where the sun was setting, and he observed the new reign of the charming Miss Latex from afar. When Miss Peas, one of the peasants, heard from the others about the new queen, she sighed, contemplated for a bit, took out her pocket mirror and put a red lipstick on. And then she proceeded to clean the horse stalls.

Curated by Alexandr Jančík
Photo by Monika Abrhámová