Where Am I

Galerie Mini, Brno, 2020

In collaboration with Klaudia Korbelič

This two-phase exhibition reflects the mood of society through a theatrical approach. Klaudie Korbelič and Dominika Dobiášová asks about the responsibility of individuals through the inscription on the banner. The unifying element of their approaches is the introspective text about the girl, which allows the viewer to look at her efforts to cope with chaotic reality of the neoliberal era.

"After stepping, half asleep, her left foot from the doorway, towards a shiny, silver car, which wasn’t hers, unfortunately, only dwelling at the onset of the street, a summer steam slaps her cheeks and shifts her eyes to the concrete sidewalk dehydrating itself of the water from yesterday’s efforts to douse a burning metal shack full of startled horses. The heat from rushing swallowed her in the effort to make haste of her stride to work. It was as if she summoned, with hurting high heels and a queasy feeling in her stomach, a stumble over a rancid, decomposing creature rotting on the brilliantly sparkling sewer in front of the Future-Confidence shopping center. The dazzlingly sturdy building sunlit from behind seized her sight as she got startled thinking that a huge, flat insect slapped her lip. Like a dead leaf it hit the floor, shaken by all the cars and buses racing, darting, and blaring just a few centimeters from the sidewalk, and the right side of her nimble hip. “Enough!,” she screamed, her towering heels striking in protest on the narrow, infinitely long pavement. Awfully close spiraled a hefty lady with absent look in her eyes and voice so deliberate and masculine, loudly uttering meaningless comments."