Where the Sun Sets and Where It Rises

Jedna Dva Tři Gallery, Prague, 2021

Where the Sun Sets and Where It Rises is a narrative exhibition saga in Jedna Dva Tři Gallery. The exhibition cycle is divided into 13 chapters and a prologue. Within this series, artworks of 24 artists will be showcased. The exhibitions are a creative dialogue between the exhibiting artists, who come and intervene in the installation and then leave as the story goes.

CHAPTER 8: In collaboration with Anna-Marie Berdychová & Oliver Torr, Darina Alster & Lena Luga
CHAPTER 9: In collaboration with Janetta Petch & Szymon Kula, Anna-Marie Berdychová & Oliver Torr

Curated by Edita Štrajtová & Linda Vondrová
Photo by Max Vajt